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OEM/ODM Services

As the qualified industrial computer solution provider, Kingdy Technology, Inc. also provides OEM/ODM services to our customers. Kingdy’s OEM/ODM product team will offer customized support from start to finish of your project according to your demand. During the design stage, our team will provide a detailed project with suitable boards. LCD panels, touch screen and related electrical accessories too, timeline highlighting the design solution, first prototyping and future mass production phases of your project. With Kingdy’s OEM/ODM services, we can become your "Virtual Factory" with cost effective manufacturing in Taiwan and on-time deliveries, and the highest quality and reliability standards in the industry.


System Integrate Service

Since many years ago, Kingdy Techology has produced systems for mission critical application worldwide. Kingdy technology has more technical experience in systems integration and has established a competitive advantage through its scale of operation, agility of its production facility, and consistent execution. Kingdy Technology supplies numerous industry fields with the highest quality industrial computers such panel PCs, full IP65 panel PCs, LCD monitors, full IP65 LCD monitors, Box PCs to worldwide.

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